Personal productivity for robotic people!

Productivity Arata! Are you a robotic person if you want to manage time, create multiple task lists, find techniques to increase productivity and use apps to make processes more efficient?

Maybe the best thing in life is to let things happen naturally. Shouldn’t we invite serendipity to bring us delightful surprises at every moment? Maybe the only people who deserve admiration are those who are always hugging trees, celebrating the connection with our fellow human beings, and cheerfully dancing around with birds just like a Disney princess?

Isn’t the most important thing of all to listen to the bossa nova, watching the sunset next to a loved one and forgetting all worries from work? Does the fact that we all die one day imply that being concerned about productivity is an empty goal?

You see, for many people with a spontaneous temperament, planning has very little importance. In fact, for them, planning is not even desirable.

Many people believe that an extremely efficient and well-planned life turns out to be robotic, dead, predictable and boring, without the spice that life must have. For free spirits, dependence on productivity techniques or effective to-do lists is not something they seek.

Those who like unpredictable surprises do not get bothered about interruptions. On the contrary, it is a great pleasure when someone knocks on their door without warning or drops in for coffee and spends long hours talking.

My dear friend: Obviously, we are making an exaggerated caricature. And now we will see the other extreme.

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Let’s talk now of people who like planning. They like organization, efficiency and the feeling of being in control of their lives. These are the people who utilize various productivity techniques. They use applications for a more efficient life and are always looking for ways to improve their communication and keep it all under control.

It may be that this need is especially emotional; some people find great satisfaction seeing that things are advancing according to a plan.

But it may also be that they developed a methodical and organized profile as a necessity. It was a survival mechanism to deal with all the challenges from study, work, family, or all these dimensions simultaneously.

If you want to be the best dad in the world while also being the best company employee, staying intellectually active, always studying new things and having a cultural, civic and social life, you have a big challenge ahead. If you want to embrace the world, you must have the ability to organize efficiently.

I love to meet new people. When I talk to them I can learn more about different views, different experiences, different fears, dreams, strategies and secrets behind the success stories they have to share.

And even with this great passion I have for life and for people, today I have healthy boundaries that help me. In other words, when I do not wish to be interrupted, it is very difficult for someone to invade my private sphere. The study and research work I do requires moments of reflection, reading quietly and doing concentrated work in order to create the trainings of Arata Academy.

So… getting back to the main question of this video: is being productive something only robotic people do? Or would the opposite be too chaotic?

How To Say No class Arata Academy

Both the profile of the spontaneous person and the profile of the organized person are perfectly fine. There is no right or wrong. No one is better or worse than the other; everything depends on what we are seeking.

These are different styles and different choices that will suit different needs. The important thing is to look at the end result and see if the choices are providing fulfillment.

Some people are more flexible with their schedule, and others are more rigid. Perhaps this rigidity is necessary to feel organized and in control of things. A person who seems disorganized may be more creative, able to improvise and work more flexibly, with a sense of freedom. You can see more details in a lecture on time management in this link. .

In the Productivity Ninja course, we understand that different people make different choices, use different styles, adopt different approaches. This is why Productivity Ninja works for executives as well as for artists, entrepreneurs and students—in short, all the people who want to have a more fulfilling life. Our methodology allows different types of people to develop strategies that will bring greater personal satisfaction. We all want to manage our time according to what makes sense to us.

Remember, here in this quick video we presented two extreme positions. And often the extremes end up bringing unintended consequences. So how about some balance?

If you are very rigid and want to improve your connection with others, you must learn to be a little more flexible and allow others to contribute some unexpected elements to your plans.

If you have lots of excitement and want more structure and time for yourself, you need to know how to set limits in order to have moments of tranquility and privacy.

In the fast course, How to Say No, we’ll teach you to develop healthy boundaries that empower you to refuse what is unwanted and let in what is positive. You will learn when to change your plans for something positive and also how to stay true to your plan when your own needs deserve priority. Visit the website in this link here.