No. You’re not silly

Study Arata! Do you think of yourself as silly? Is there a voice in your head that whenever you make a mistake, strengthens the idea of you being silly? If the answer is yes, for every mistake you make, the belief of yourself being silly grows bigger. A mistake strengthens your opinion about being silly.

Pay attention: it all starts with the way you’re used to think. And thinking that you’re a silly is a horrible way to start.

1.     Don’t mistake thoughts with facts

The idea you have about yourself of being silly is just a thought. Not a fact. When someone tells you you’re silly, or when you look at yourself in the mirror and call it to yourself, it’s nothing but an idea. They’re thoughts. Beliefs. Opinions. An opinion is not the same as a fact. Opinions don’t represent reality. They’re just possible interpretations of reality. Opinions can be wrong.

Next time you think you’re silly, remember this: it’s just an opinion. Not a fact.

Above all, you need to be honest and fair with yourself. Don’t evaluate yourself in a biased, wrong or unfair way. You have the ability to identify the situations where you make mistakes, right? The same way you can also notice other situations in which you get good results.

You can fail, for example, all the questions of a maths exam. But you may be good at playing music. Maybe you can’t speak another language, but turns out that you’re a great communicator in English.

To have a balanced vision, apart from the aspects you want to improve, celebrate the abilities you have. Have a good proportion of everything. Don’t ignore the mistakes you’ve made, but don’t forget your success.

2. A negative opinion harms your performance.

When you live your life thinking you’re silly, your dedication and efforts may become weaker.

You won’t be able to dedicate what’s necessary to perform an activity if you despair. If you feel weak, anxious, or intimidated. Or if you feel physically ill or even unmotivated because you’re thinking that you’re silly.

It could also happen that you have unrealistic expectations.

What’s the problem with the childish thought that only well done work is worthy? It’s that when you start an activity and you see it’s not coming out perfect, you procrastinate. Your anxiety grows, and to deal with it, you go to do some irrelevant stuff. You turn on the tv, waste time on social networks and avoid facing work or study. The real problem is that your expectations are too high. Be more modest and accept any steps in the middle of your learning process. Take a look at our video about How To Learn Anything Difficult on this link. In that video, which is one hour long, you’ll get all the details about how to free that anxiety.

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3. Get rid of false modesty

Another source that feeds the negative opinion that you’re silly is false modesty. I mean, those moments where you ignore your success, like they’re nothing. That’s when you feel that making a mistake is like something unforgivable. You wonder about it for weeks, not being able to believe how stupid it was. You think about the mistake over and over again, having a negative conversation with yourself about it.

To sort out all this, you must have a good sense. Be balanced. Accept the times you get success, and profit from studying. Look at the mistakes you’ve made as opportunities to keep learning.

4. Strengthen your view about yourself

When you let other people’s opinion get in the way you think about yourself, you put yourself at risk. Don’t be so easily influenced. When that people who put you down also start to criticise you, remember that the most important opinion is your own. It’s inside of yourself where you’ll find self love, self-acceptance and trust you need to go on.

It’s very common nowadays to talk about bullying in schools. Bullying happens when some children think mocking and humiliating others is fun. The bully in this situation, the aggressor, is the most unhappy person of all. He has trouble at self-accepting himself, that’s why he needs to make everyone else feel inferior so he can feel better. Don’t let that bully tell you who you are. Don’t let anyone call you silly. I’m saying this again: don’t let anyone disqualify you by saying you’re silly.

Anyway, I’m not saying should go and punch everyone. When someone tells you you’re silly, just don’t take it personal. Don’t let those insults get deep in you. Don’t let anyone’s opinion influence your identity. You need to strengthen your view of yourself.

Don’t let external elements decide your view on yourself.

So in case you get a bad grade in a test, just don’t let it affect your self-esteem. Realise that  it’s an indicator. Next time you do a test like that one, assort a different strategy to study. A bad grade doesn’t tell you who you are. It doesn’t represent your true identity.

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Meditate about the path you need to walk in order to go where you wish to. Say no to the lack of patience, dedication, effort and discipline. You’re not silly. Your decisions could be better. You’ll get better results when you establish a new strategy to deal with your challenges. Immediatism is the problem you should solve.I invite you again to take a look at this complete, one-hour video about how to learn any difficult thing. Check the link here.