Improve your confidence and self-esteem for studying

Study Arata! If you want to have better results at your studies and at learning first you need to start improving your confidence and self-esteem.

You have to understand and accept that you have the abilities and attributes, and above all, that you can become better cultivating yourself thanks to effort and dedication. This is necessary because the lack of confidence can be detrimental to your life, making your goals seem more terrifying, more complicated, more difficult and maybe unachievable before your eyes.

1. What does confidence and self-esteem mean?

Having confidence means living in a way you actually know you do have the ability to deal with the challenges you will have to face. The self-esteem is the way in you value and love yourself for whom you really are.

Don’t confuse confidence with arrogance. The arrogance is the exaggerated self-satisfaction of a person who believes that he’s better than others. And this arrogance is an illusion based in a complex of superiority. Respect is the key to real confidence.

Learn as well that confidence and self-esteem depend on the circumstances. No one can keep his confidence permanently in every situation. There will be ordinary moments in which you will feel anxious, worried, scared and all this is absolutely normal. Having these moments of positive stress (that encourage you to improve) is a lot better than having an imaginary confidence that don’t motivate you and that make you end up frustrating yourself with the lack of results.

2. Why having confidence and self-esteem is so important?

Feeling comfortable is essential so you can accomplish every objective in your life, devote your time to new projects and believe in your potential to succeed in them. Here it is the series Study Arata, a weekly series of Arata Academy that comes out every Tuesday specially dedicated to you who want to learn better and faster and for you, who have lots of learning challenges just before you, so confidence and self-esteem are fundamental.

Without confidence and self-esteem, you can start thinking that you’re a good-for-nothing, stupid or that you simply don’t have the gift of learning. And the result is that you end up giving up. Have a look at our video named “How to learn any difficult thing” to understand how it works.

What do you think that happens when you feel that you aren’t capable of something or that you don’t deserve it? You create imaginary scenarios where nothing happens right; you feel scared and ashamed and start to look for excuses for your failure when the truth is that nothing really happened yet. The anxiety can be so bad that you can start to postpone everything instead to face whatever you have to deal with.

The worst part is when you start to identify yourself in that progress, depending on your internal dialogue, you may think that you’re an idiot, a lazy person, ugly, clumsy, incompetent, disorganized and others negative labels …

This is really worrying, your mind has to make sense. From the moment in you firmly think that your identity is the one from an incompetent, clumsy, stupid person next time you have a new opportunity you probably will do nothing. After all, according to your vision of yourself you’re likely to fail so it’s better not even trying it. This prediction will occur because of the golem effect that I explain with more details for the people that are part of our emails list. If you join this list, you will receive some exclusive videos including the one about the golem effect and what you have to do about it. 

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3.Where does the lack of self-esteem come from?

In the one hand, there’s genetic influence in the way we behavior or the type of feeling of confidence and self-esteem we have as basis.

Our childhood experiences shape the way we value ourselves and can mean that we accept ourselves or not. When we’re children, we have not yet developed our critical perspective of things so we’re more vulnerable to the influence of our social background.

If you were critized over and over again or you didn’t receive the proper attention of the important people around, there is a chance of having worst self-esteem problems including in the adult life. Here it is where the feeling of not being good enough appears. In the other hand, Generally people who have a healthy confidence and self-esteem are the ones who received emotional support and love as children, what help them to create a positive vision of themselves.

4. What can you do to improve your confidence?

The main goal of this video is raising awareness about this problem. It’s important that you understand the importance of the confidence and the self-esteem so you can take advantage of all of your potential while you’re studying. Here there are a couple of useful tips so you can accomplish this easily:

Be aware of the way you exaggerate when you criticize yourself. Attention, you don’t have to be so hard on yourself. When you expect to accomplish something perfectly, you’re creating an inevitable disaster since the perfection is just an ideal.

Moderate your need to adapt you to your expectatives. There’re a lot of times where the problem of the lack of self-esteem is the kind of internal dialogue, I mean that moments when we think that we aren’t good enough to become part of a specific group, when you think the neighborhood where you live isn’t good, when you drive an old car, when your personality is different from the popular ones. The more you compare to others, the more complicated that accepting yourself will be. Learn that most of the times the opinion we have about someone, principally because of the social networks, is an already selected and filtered image. When you just see the final result, you don’t know all the work and training that this person has had to face.

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There is a good piece of news though, you can improve your confidence and self-esteem. It doesn’t matter how hard you are on yourself, if you really want to change, improving your self-esteem is possible. You can improve your self-respect knowing that you want to improve. You can accept you better, know you better and understand your own opinions and beliefs.

In today’s video we focused on the importance of improving your confidence. Take advantage to subscribe to our youtube channel, Arata Academy, since next week we’re going to keep talking about this topic, saying how to put into practice all of this

To be prepared, have a look at our video named “How to learn any difficult thing” to understand how it works.