Study Arata! If you have a car but can’t drive, watch out! You could cause big problems problems for yourself and to the safety of those around you. If you have a computer but can’t use it, there’s a whole universe of information that you don’t have access to. 

In other words, having potential is not enough: we need to know how to use it. And just because you have a brain doesn’t mean you’re using it in the best way possible.

1. Change unproductive thoughts into something more positive and productive.

Imagine that you took an exam last weekend. The results come out and you really want to know how many answers you got right because your result was so low that you’re sure you didn’t pass. What are you going to do now?

Unproductive thoughts  will make you feel down for a while,  even hours, if you beat yourself up. You are going to feel guilty and angry, telling yourself how stupid and incompetent you are.

This is an unproductive way to think. It could mean that how you feel about yourself ends up changing. Thinking like this way could even make you not want to take another exam in the future. You could end up leaving your academic life behind.

Productive thinking will be channeled by your drive. You’re going to want to know where you could improve. You’re going to see your wrong answers and correct them. You’re going to look at the correct answers and understand why they are correct. You’re also going to look at the explanations you’re your correct answers to be sure that you got them right thanks to your knowledge and not just luck. This productive way of thinking will mean that you continue to improve.

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2. Understand the difference between facts and your interpretation of the facts.

One is what happens to you and around you. The other, which differs a lot, is your interpretation of what took place. If you wish to improve how you think, it’s important to understand the clear distinction between the facts and your personal interpretation of the same facts.

Imagine for example that you went to your local market to buy some basics. As you needed them quite urgently, you went out in a rush without getting dressed,  you were wearing old clothes and your hair was a mess. In the market, you end up seeing someone you know, who you haven’t seen in 5 years. 

Because you look a mess you don’t know whether to say hi or not but in the end you decide that you should.  They take a quick look at you, and with a confused face, they turn around and leave. The facts here are that you said hi to somebody and they didn’t respond. 

Now look at the difference between the the facts and your interpretation of them. One possible interpretation is that the person you used to know felt embarrassed to be seen talking to someone who looked scruffy.

 Another possible interpretation is that they weren’t embrassed, just in a rush. For them, it was better to pretend that they didn’t know you and keep walking.  There are so many other possible interpretations. Maybe he wasn’t sure if you were talking to him or someone else. It’s also likely that he didn’t even hear you say hello. Maybe just , or because this acquaintance didn’t know you were talking to them.

Different ways of thinking and emotions that you possess will vary a lot depending on how you choose to interpret the facts. In way way of looking at this, you could get angry at this person for ignoring you on purpose. Another way of reacting could be to shout a little louder with more conviction and start a conversation with them. 

This is just an example. Every day we process and interpret the facts around us in every situation that we come across. This means that people will always come to different conclusions.

Your choices and behavior are a result of your thoughts and how you interpret things. Your opinions and what you get out of life are a reflection of what goes on inside your head. This is why, when you are driven to think productively and positively, you will get more from life. 

3. Do what you have to do

Lastly, understand that an easy life ends up as a difficult life and a difficult life ends up being an easy life. What does this mean? Imagine you need to learn something complicated. If you’re just looking for an easy life, you’ll do something else. 

You’ll watch TV, go online, go masturbate, search for flights on discount… anything but what you’re meant to do. The result of this behaviour is that sooner or later you’re going to need that knowledge that you haven’t bothered to learn. And it’s like this that your life will become extremely hard.

The only way to do what you have to do is to take the first step and be consistent. It won’t be easy, but once you start finishing what you are meant to do, life will get a lot  easier.

Personal Development class Arata Academy

The best way to learn how to think productively is to become an aware of how you think. Look at the productivity of your thoughts and understand what you are getting out of life as a consequence of your way of thinking and your choices. Decide if you are happy with the results you are seeing.

If you are satisfied, keep going. If not, work out what the intelligent choice is and look to always improve on this.

Change the parts of your life that you aren’t happy with. Have the courage to admit that some changes are necessary. Keep your mind open and questioning so that you continue to develop. Be humble to admit your mistakes and poor judgement.

Only with this perception and clarity you will possess the tools necessary to improve. Otherwise, you’ll be trapped in an illusion that you don’t need to change anything ever. The process of improvement  is personal development. And this is the name of our new course that you can check out now by clicking on this link here.