How to improve your confidence and self-esteem for study better

Study Arata! Last week we talked about the importance of confidence and self-esteem for studying better. Today you’re going to discover what to do to improve your confidence and self-esteem.

1. Be coherent.

Imagine that a dear friend of yours makes a terrible mistake, would you be cruel and cold enough to say that this friend is an incompetent, stupid, useless a good-for-nothing destined to fail? Would you say that you don’t understand how you had lost your time with him and thinking about him because the only thing he does is frustrate you? Probably not. After all we’re talking about a dear friend; you would be kind and respectful. In case he fails you, wouldn’t you talk with him in a educated, gentle and constructive way? Would you?

Then why aren’t you coherent and try to be educated, gentle and constructive with yourself? In case your problem of self-esteem is getting worse because of the kind of internal dialogue with yourself, you obviously need to be coherent to yourself. Stop saying you’re an idiot, an incompetent, that you’re always wrong. That self talk can be catastrophic.

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2. Look for an imaginary mentor.

Generally, I divide interactive courses in the paid courses of Arata Academy. If you are subscribed to our courses, you can login to have access to a lot more deeper lessons that the one that we have in Youtube for free. Youtube is a space for the general public. Today we have an interactive activity here in YouTube. For that, is necessary that you are sit down in a comfortable place. Don’t do this activity if you’re driving or in any situation which represents danger if you end up absolutely relaxed.

Close your eyes. Sit down in a comfortable and relaxed way. We are going to find an imaginary mentor to help you in your search to better confidence and self-esteem.

Think about your favourite films.  Normally you’re going to find characters that assume a heroic role, it may be a mentor, a professor, someone really inspiring. You can think about real life too, a good professor, a good friend a relative… Choose someone from this group to be your imaginary mentor. A person that won’t judge you, a trustable and wise person, a person you can open up to. A mentor who can talk in a nice, gentle an inspiring way.

Keep your eyes closed. Now you’re sitting down taking a cup of coffee with your imaginary mentor. Have a talk heart to heart. Tell him every thought, challenge, insecurity, and concern, all kinds of negative thoughts you have had about yourself.

Open your eyes now. Take a notebook and write down what you have discovered with this activity, what it’s your mentor’s message, the best way to deal with your anxiety. These are the most important lessons you’ll learn. If you want to you can comment on this video and share that things that you’ve discovered. Tell me a bit about who did you choose as a mentor, what he has told you and what have you learned with this exercise.

Personal Development class Arata Academy

I hope that in this fast video you have learnt how take the control over the way you think and the way you deal with your feelings, especially the way in which you speak with yourself day after day. You have this power. I have just showed you with this mentor technique one of the different techniques to take the control of your life.

Remember that everything starts in the world of the ideas, if you wish to have a high quality life; you got to have high quality ideas. This is a fundamental concept of personal development. We have a specific course regarding personal development and I invite you to join it in order to learn some related techniques, visiting the following link.