5 Techniques to Motivate Yourself to Start Studying

Study Arata! With this series you have learned different types of study and memorization techniques, right? However, many people contact me saying that they can’t even begin to apply them because they lack motivation. Applying anything without motivation will be difficult. So let’s go over five ways to get motivated:

1. Understand how time works in your life

Pause the video and answer the following question in your notebook: What would you like to have started last year to be reaping results now?

Done? You must be wondering what I’m going to tell you, right?

The idea behind this exercise is to show you that by looking back, you may be frustrated that you may have gotten too comfortable and failed to do your best. However, you can get the time to be in your favor: what kind of skills do I want to develop a year from now? What will bring me joy in a year from now that I can start today?

So the best part is you can look ahead and understand how time works. Today is the time for you to start doing things you will be glad to have started a year from now.

Use your imagination to picture the future you wish to avoid. It will not be easy at first, you may find it dull,difficult, tedious, complicated … So remember this vision of the future: it will be worth it. Today you need to do what you’ll be thankful to have done tomorrow.

2. Motivation based on others

It’s hard for some people to find the motivation to do what’s important for them. If this is your case, think about what’s important to the people who are dear to you. This is a special tip for those who usually put the other’s needs first.

First of all, you are doing something that is important to you, and also,it will warm the hearts of the people important to you. Who are these people?Why is it important to them that you reach your goals? How will they feel?

This motivation is crucial when we are unable to do things just because they are important to us. Your motivation will increase once you realize you’re not alone.

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3. Think less and do more

When you start to think too much about why you’re not studying, making excuses, panicking, explaining why you don’t concentrate … change your focus.

Think of ways to improve a bit compared to where you were yesterday. You must not focus on giving excuses or making up explanations to why you are feeling disturbed.  You should concentrate on finding solutions and solving the issue.

When you realize that you are thinking too much about the problems, and about why you are not doing something, take a quick walk, get up from the table, and come back in the right mood to get to work. No shortcuts, no excuses– go back and do what you must.

You know, there is one paramount thing here: it is no use for you to be dreaming about the perfect plan, or whether you should do A or B. Once you are halfway through the day, ask yourself: How much time did I actually spent doing what I needed to do? How long did I just wonder what to do?

The answer is simple: you have to spend more time doing and less time dreaming or wondering what to do. You must find a balance between planning and execution. If you want, use a timer to monitor how much time you are dedicating to planning and executing, and make sure you spend a lot more time implementing. Nothing will happen if you don’t get down to work.

One of the main reasons many people don’t get results is because they get caught up creating perfect plans before taking action – and then they do not even take the first step.

4. Feeling of urgency

If you are feeling unsatisfied with your results, take a few minutes to look around you and realize that there are people with fewer opportunities than you. Today, as you’re watching this video, you are certainly more privileged than those who are going through calamities, absolute misery, war or armed conflicts. Be grateful for what you have today.

Gratitude will help you realize that the time you have is unique, so you can’t give up now. You must continue, you know? Because it is urgent that you take the next step!

5. Small external rewards

There is a technique that helps some people read boring books: placing candy after portions of text. That way you can give yourself a treat as you complete your reading. The problem is that this technique only works with short texts.

Think with me: if you decide to use this method to read a significant volume, either you will eat immense amounts of candy, or you will space them between larger sections – and your motivation will decrease.

There’s another thing about this technique: the first couple of pieces of candy will be very satisfying, but as you go on, they won’t be as good, and you will have eaten so much candy it could even be distracting. The human brain likes variety.

So if you want to try the technique of placing a piece of candy at the end of each page or chapter, don’t just stick with sweets.

You can change this reward, for example, for taking a walk or doing some physical activity you like. Or you can take a few minutes to call a loved one,watch a short YouTube video, tidy up your desk or your room, or anything you like. The idea here is that you alternate so that you can still be satisfied with the external rewards

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It is crucial to be motivated to move on or even to start a new activity. And I believe that internal rewards are more valuable than external rewards because they don’t get less satisfying over time, you know?

By developing good motivations and internal rewards, you will be able always to stay motivated.

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