The lack of patience is ruining your future

Hello! Seiiti Arata. The lack of patience is ruining your future. The lack of patience is a feeling of anxiety.  It appears when you realise that things are not going as you planned. You were expecting another rhythm, another speed. Therefore, lack of patience is a lack of clarification. You need to be conscious and clear about the situations which you can control and which ones you can’t. It is only through personal development that you can clarify this.

Patience is a virtue; it appears when you resist to difficult times, when you persevere through frustrations and obstacles. It is when you control your anxiety; knowing how to deal with misfortune and pain. Being patient is not losing your composure; it is facing life, instead of having a tantrum.

1. Patience is important to carry on.

The lack of patience is one of the things that is going to make more difficult to achieve your goals. It makes it harder to have good relationships. The lack of patience prevents you from advancing in your personal development. The lack of patience is to be in a hurry. And, as you may know… hurry is enemy of perfection.

Anxiety consumes up the person with no patience. Generally, the anxiety is bigger when we want things to happen before time. Because of that, we lose our patience and we give up.

High expectations are a big problem for people with no patience.

2. Rationalization keeps you away from the truth.

Be careful with the lack of patience, anxiety and rationalization. These character weaknesses can keep you away from anything worthwhile.

Anxiety can increase the lack of patience. If we understand this and we face the truth, it is clear what we have to do: we must keep trying as long as it is necessary.

The problem comes when we mix it with the rationalization. The rationalization keeps me away from the truth. Instead of admitting the truth – I don’t have patience, I have anxiety -, I make up a lie. The rationalization is when I create lies and excuses that keep me away from the truth.

In this way, I risk to fall into rationalization by saying something like:”Uh, that’s not for me”, “That wasn’t that important”, “What is important is to enjoy life and go with the flow” or any other bad excuse. Rationalization also makes me think that those goals I set are impossible to achieve, that I already tried everything and the only thing logic to do is to give up. Have you watch our latest video about rationalization? Here it is the link

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3. Don’t get patience mixed with lack of action.

Imagine that you are a client of a bank full of bureaucracy and that keeps sending unsolicited offers to you, where they won’t stop offering you products you didn’t ask for and where they charge you fees without much more explanation. Having patience doesn’t mean to accept inefficiency and negligence from this service supplier.

When something drives you crazy, you close your eyes and count to ten, instead of shouting: that isn’t patience either. That’s just a way to avoid getting angry, but it may help you as a first step to grow real patience. Counting to ten helps you to avoid bigger problems. It also prevents the problem from growing or adding fuel to the fire. But all this doesn’t really help to solve the problem. Actually, all you are doing is trying to hold back all that anger.

But make no mistake: patience is a virtue linked to wisdom and inner peace.

4. Don’t mix up patience with weakness.

There’s people who claims that patience is a type of honesty. That it is a characteristic of weak people. These people would beat their chests and say:”I don’t have patience for this kind of outrage!” What these people don’t understand is that in order to have patience, it is necessary to have great inner strength. We need courage, wisdom, empathy and emotional intelligence. We need personal development.

5. Find out the causes of your lack of patience.

You’ve probably heard a lot of times how important it is to have patience but, how can we achieve it? It is easier said than done and we only focus on the most basic solutions, such as counting to ten before losing calm.

We need to take a step back in order to understand our lack of patience, to find out and figure out which are the triggers that make us lose our temper. What drives us crazy? If we find it out, we could make choices that will avoid pulling that trigger.

6. You want to keep calm.

Let’s see what happens when the trigger that ends up with our patience is pulled. It’s normal that your get furious. This anger affects to your inner peace. However, that anger won’t help you to solve the situation; it will only create a second layer of discomfort.

And what is worst: you will have to deal with that frustration… as well as with the negative feelings from that anger. Anger and lack of patience end up creating emotional stress. They exhaust us and take away our vitality. It is a waste of potential.

7. Understand your goal.

There is an old proverb that says:”Who plants dates, does not pick up/collect dates”. You know why? Date palms take about eighty to one hundred years to produce their first fruits. With the new cultivation techniques that time has been reduced. Despite that the old saying remains wise.

It is said that an elderly man would plant dates in the dessert. A young man approached him and asked:”Sir, why would you waste your time planting something that you will not be able to collect?” The elderly turned around and answered:”If everyone thought like you, no one would pick up dates”.

What is your aim? Get fast to your destination or enjoying the journey? If you want to eat dates, go to the grocery and buy them with your own money. If you’d rather plant them, learn how to moderate your expectations. Understand the time that takes the tree to produce its fruits. Or, on the other hand, learn modern cultivation techniques and speed up the process.

Remember: the lack of patience is a lack of clarity. Only through personal development will you have clear which are the situations that you control and which ones you don’t have control over.

If you are dissatisfied with your current situation, you will feel discomfort, anxiety and rejection.

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Obviously, we want to improve. We want to cultivate our virtues. All of this is part of a process of personal development.

At the same time, we want to find serenity. This is the basis of patience that manages to overcome anxiety. To learn to control your anxiety and cultivate your patience, I invite you to take our fast personal development course.

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