Be who you were meant to be

Hello! Seiiti Arata. Do you know when you’re unhappy with something and a voice inside you screams, “I wasn’t born for this”? This voice usually appears when you are moving in a direction other than your purpose. The inner cry, “I wasn’t born for this” is a reminder of your purpose. 

When you become unhappy about what you are accomplishing, there is something wrong going on and that needs some adjustment. This is a good time for you to reevaluate your actions, feelings, and thoughts. What should we do about it?

1. Improve your thoughts to improve your feelings.

When you feel that you were not born to do that unpleasant activity, it is necessary to change the type of activity, to change your choices that led you to that situation, and to improve the quality of your choices, you need to understand how choices are made.

There is a natural order of things: first, we have a thought or an idea. Then comes an emotion, a feeling corresponding to that idea.

What does that mean? Think about those days when you say you don’t feel motivated, or you feel anxious, or disorganized. All these feelings came after a series of poor thoughts and ideas. That is, to understand our emotional state, we need to understand what lies behind it. What kinds of ideas and internal dialogues are we producing?

So the practical lesson is: Identify the unwanted feelings you experience during your day. Then make an effort to change your thoughts and your way of thinking. Improve the quality of your ideas.

2. Improve your feelings to improve your actions.

Our actions happen when feelings arise that motivate us.

For example, a couple approaching for the first time is motivated by a range of feelings. They feel a willingness to connect. They are curious about each other, or some attraction yet unexplained.

In the same way, a couple that separates is moved by different feelings. They may be frustrated with each other. One party may not be feeling understood by the other. Or they just want to search for something new.

Another example: That young entrepreneur who opens his own company is motivated by feelings of creativity. He may also be feeling the need to prove to himself that he is capable. Or, he is pursuing his financial independence.

Notice the sequence: Quality thinking leads to a feeling of quality. This feeling of quality leads us to practice quality actions. Therefore, if we practice quality actions, we will have quality results.

When these actions are repeated, they become a habit. When you deliberately build the habits that help you, which is personal development. We just created a new course that will guide you through each of the steps to this process and I’ll pass the link to you at the end of this video. Stay here with us until the end to know more.

The process of personal development is very important and can determine our future. A good habit is built intentionally. That is, there is consciousness behind the habit. You reason before you establish a new habit. Why am I always emphasizing the importance of habits? The reason is that a single action will have no real impact on your life.

On the other hand, repeated actions constantly create habits. And habits help you have great results.

Personal development: the smart way to architect our lives.

Personal Development class Arata Academy

3. We want to be aware of our habits.

We want to avoid living life on autopilot. We don’t want to keep repeating attitudes that are not consistent with what we want to build for our future. What is the problem of not being aware of one’s own habits? It’s living like a zombie. It is doing things without reasoning.

People who live on autopilot have a serious problem. They are always repeating the same attitudes – and probably expecting different results. It is possible that they do not even remember how, or why, they are always making the same choices.

And what do we want? We want to reflect on the path we want to follow. We want to use our awareness to determine which habits will help us. We are looking for actions and choices that will be consciously repeated: Actions and choices that will be transformed into positive habits.

And we also want to eliminate the negative habits that are hindering us from being who we want to be.

4. Be the person you were born to be.

Finally, we get to the most important point of this video. You know exactly who you were born to be. Be honest with yourself. Do not disappoint yourself.

We do not want to live a life inconsistent with our purposes. If we accept anything that is not part of that path, there will be that voice: I was not born for it.

This voice carries a great truth. When you realize this voice, enjoy this moment! Explain to yourself: what kind of person were you born to be? What do you really want?

Be very clear about what kind of person you were born to be. This will assure you more determination to do what needs to be done by receiving education, seeking knowledge, putting the time in, and saying no to actions that do not contribute to your purpose. This clarity will guide you towards the person you were born to be.

Personal Development class Arata Academy

It is very important that you also have the humility to accept all the steps along your path. 

Imagine, for example, that you want to be a director of a large company. For this, it is natural that you have to go through a whole training process. You will have to study, be a trainee, and perform banal and repetitive tasks. Probably to stand out, you will have to work better than average. You will have to show that you have an interest in being effective, you know?

That way, by combining talent, effort, intelligence, and humility, you’ll be well on your way to reaching the company’s board of directors in this example.

Continuing with this example, it will be unproductive if you cultivate the attitudes of a trainee or a fresh graduate who is impatient and arrogant. A person without a sense of reality, who doesn’t accept to do simple activities, who lives saying that he was not born for that…

You need a delicate balance. You want to combine big dreams with humility and dedication to walk the path and pay the necessary price. The evil of the century is wanting something for nothing. Don’t be that person.

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