Urgency is your problem

Hello! Seiiti Arata. Urgency is your problem.

You know all the good things that you like to do, really important things that will make a difference in your life.. but that you don’t do due to having to first resolve an emergency? So. These emergencies are a large problem.

1. Don’t be dependent on just motivation to do what’s really important

If you’re like the majority of people, you only do what’s truly important when you’re motivated.

However, know that every year there are two phases: there’s the beginning of the year in which we’re really enthusiastic and we’re able to achieve a lot of things. We exercise, study, spend quality time with people that are close to us, we dedicate ourselves to spiritual activities, communities, quality moments with those we love.

And suddenly, when the month of March comes, we’ve already gone back to our old habits: a lazy life, we take up smoking again, we eat poorly, we abandon our studies and all our new years’ resolutions. Why does this happen?

It’s that enthusiasm is something fleeting. Motivation rises and falls: in some moments, we have it, and in others, we don’t. Enthusiasm isn’t the type of source of energy that we can rely on with certainty and consistency.

So, after the enthusiasm of the new year has ended, we have the second phase, which is the real phase. It’s here that emergency can hold up our lives.

To deal with emergencies, you need clarity.

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2 – Be clear on what you want to do with your life.

So then, let’s complete a basic activity. Ask yourself: what do you want to do with your life?

Reach a level of financial abundance? Have your own business? Be promoted in your job? Reconnect with some important person in your family, or some friendship, or a great love? Get in shape? Learn something new? Contribute to your community? Dedicate yourself to leisure, to art, religion, philanthropy, volunteering, to something that allows you to feel part of something bigger and make a difference?

For any one of these choices, you need to leave your current state and start to move toward the desired direction. It’s not something that you solve in a single day. You’ll need to be consistent and dedicate yourself over many days throughout the year.

In this journey, you’ll certainly find allies, resources that help you.. and you’ll also encounter obstacles, difficulties and people that will make you deviate from the course.

The biggest problem is that when you realise that you start to fail in your master plan, this can also have an impact on other areas. Imagine, for example, the case of a person who has had a massive romantic disappointment and this heavily affects her performance at work, resulting in the loss of her job.

There’s also the type of success that hinders: it’s, for example,  in the case of a person who get’s a promotion at work, however, there’s a large cost. She could become very worried about the new responsibilities, overworked and stressed. This affects her relationship with her family, or with caring for her own body, getting out of shape and even suffering some illness that could have been avoided.

3 – Careful with the illusion of thinking that problems are temporary.

It’s necessary to respect the problems that we have.

Disrespecting a problem is pretending that it doesn’t exist. Respecting a problem means paying attention. The word respect comes from latin, respectus, look again. Observe, attentively.

Because of this, dedicate some time now to observing what the problems in your life are at this moment. Pause the video. Everyone has some problem at any moment of life. Pause and identify now which are the main problems, obstacles, challenges and emergencies that you have today.

Did you identify them? Now we’re going even deeper to the process of comprehension.

What are these problems telling you? Why do these problems arise? What is it that happened for this problem to come up? What didn’t happen that caused the problem to get bigger? What are the other dimensions of your life that weren’t looked after  over the past few years, and this ended up becoming a problem or urgency?

The illusion that we create is when we tell ourselves that the problem or urgencies are temporary. That when they’re solved, everything will get better.

But we know the truth: after resolving this urgency, we have another fire to put out. There isn’t an ideal moment that you’ll finally arrive at, in which you’ll be free of urgent problems to resolve.

Life’s never going to become calm enough for us to finally be able to look after certain things that are truly important. There’ll always be some excuse to leave that which is really important until later.

Because of this, in the course Better New Year [arata.se/betternewyear] you’ll have access to a script on how to create a complete plan to live the best year of your life. Why the complete planning? Because we have to have balance in every area. It’s necessary to care for the financial part, health, relationships, love, career, as all these dimensions are related.

In leaving out even one important dimension of life, there’s a risk of a crisis happening and a chain reaction begins, causing us to feel lost.

The opposite is also true, when all areas are firm, with money in your pocket, with good health, good relationships, doing work that really matters, that makes us feel part of something bigger, what happens? All of our activities end up flowing better, with quality, with concentration, with organisation, and with happiness.

Everything starts on the level of beliefs. If you believe that you won’t have results, then you’re not going to act. And obviously you won’t have results, confirming your own belief that nothing ever goes right for you.

However, if you believe that you can have results, you’ll implement actions. And from there two things can happen: you get the desired result soon on the first try (which is uncommon, but can happen) or you’ll have an undesirabe result. Pay attention now:

If your mindset is that of someone who gives up easily, you use the undesired result as an excuse to stop trying and improving. Because of this, in the Better New Year course we make intelligent plans to neutralize this risk.

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And when your mindset is that of growth, of continued improvement, you’ll use the undesired results as a way of learning, so that your next try is even better, so that you can continue to perfect your abilities, accumulating more resources, better techniques, more people to support you. And then you continue to implement new actions, that feed you new discoveries and then finally achieve the desired results.

This whole process needs to be aligned in a coherent form with every dimension so that you don’t have conflicts between different areas of your life. It’s because of this that in the course Better New Year we take so much care with the intelligent planning strategy, and we also have specific classes on wealth, love, and health – so for you to begin, visit the link https://arata.se/betternewyear and we’ll see each other there.