I’ve sent you a message on social media, (for example: Facebook / Twitter / YouTube comment / LinkedIn etc.) and I didn’t get an answer. Are you upset with me?

Not at all! Quite the opposite: I’m so happy when I get messages.

However, I’ve been getting an average of 300 to 800 messages every day and it’s no longer possible to personally respond to all of them at an adequate pace.

To address this volume of messages with quality, I use multiple productivity techniques (those who did the Productivity Ninja already know them). Furthermore, I made sure to bring a team of people whom I trust a lot. They all address the messages you send through to our official communication channel arata.se/contact

The reason is that, unfortunately, some social media networks don’t allow message redirection, not even to speak about privacy vulnerability and pulverization in multiple areas. That is why we don’t answer any message that are sent to us through Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn or other social media platforms. To keep everything organized, all of our company’s communication is done through our official communication channel, using emails.

Because of that, for you to get an answer from us, we kindly ask you to send the message again using our official channel’s form at arata.se/contact.