Become smarter – the basics

Hello! Seiiti Arata. So you want to become a smarter person. Excellent, great choice! You need to modify your brain, and this involves neuroplasticity (which is changing how we respond to stimuli) and neurogenesis (generation of new neurons).

But let’s step back and first take care of two basic elements necessary to increase our intelligence: belief and desire.

To fully appreciate our conversation today it is essential that you have seen our episode 31, “Are you intelligent?” before continuing this video. You can review the earlier video by visiting the link

Ready? Great. In episode 31 of our Hello Seiiti Arata series we saw the two main models to understand the nature of intelligence: Static and dynamic.

1. Differences between static and dynamic intelligence models.

If intelligence is static, fixed, I was born stupid and will die stupid, and there’s nothing I can do to change that, because that is my nature, a personal trait.

To ask a stupid person to become intelligent would be similar to asking a tall person to become a short person. It is impossible, since the height of an adult is a fixed trait.

However, when I understand that intelligence is a dynamic feature, then things can change. Instead of thinking that John is smart and Bob is stupid, I see that in some dimensions John simply has better qualifications. He has had better training, more experience.

The advantage to understanding intelligence as something dynamic is the logical conclusion that we have the ability to improve, to grow.

So the video “Become smarter (the basics)” is a promise we can fulfill: YES, there are better choices for us to increase our intelligence.

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2. Belief and desire.

There are two minimum requirements to achieve any results in life : Belief and desire. They are just the basics.

If I do not believe something is possible, my wish will not be fulfilled. Therefore the concept of dynamic intelligence is essential: it is the cognitive model that allows me to unfold the full desire to become smarter. I also really must want to!

3. The desire must be whole-hearted.

True desire is special. Anybody can say they desire something — there are many people giving lip service to the notion that they want this or that… but when it comes to the implementation, to actually getting things done, they are full of excuses.

There must be a burning desire, a powerful intention. A desire that motivates us from the time we wake up in the morning until we go to sleep every night.

We have the ability to improve, to grow - Seiiti Arata, Arata Academy

This full desire will make me perform the actions necessary to harvest the results.

The desire becomes full when I have clarity about what is behind it. How important is it to become more intelligent? What is the advantage? Which needs of mine are being met?

When we look at an ignorant person we may wonder, “Why don’t you study? Why not start a book rather than wasting your time?”

The answer is very simple: this person in front of us just does not see enough benefit, does not have the motivation to go after improvement. He lacks DESIRE. Or, unfortunately, in some cases, he has created a limiting belief in the static model that he is stupid and cannot change that. 

4. For an intense desire, it is necessary to be clear about the motivation.

So now I ask you to share your answer in the comments:

– What is the benefit of becoming a smarter person? More enlightened? More competent and knowledgeable? What is the value in deepening your expertise and diversifying your range of skills?

Without such clarity, we simply will not have the motivation.

The basic prerequisites to go after our goals are i) to believe that it is possible and ii) to have a genuine desire.

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We should believe that it is possible to improve and desire intensely to improve. In addition, it is worth understanding how our brain works when it comes to learning — this is why I mentioned earlier the concepts of neuroplasticity and neurogenesis.

Basically, we need stimuli for the brain to develop. Stimuli happen with repetition.

It is by performing multiple times the reading, exercises, training, simulation and expressing myself in different ways that I can activate different brain regions, building my memory and developing my cognitive abilities.

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Everything is matter of training. Of course there are both efficient and inefficient training techniques.

Similarly, there are also efficient motivation and inefficient motivation. It is not efficient to depend on extrinsic motivation, such as “I have to pass the exam, I have to get a good grade.”

It is more powerful to rely on an intrinsic motivation, one that comes from within: I’ll improve my learning because I feel good mastering and understanding the subject.

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