MONEY: If you’re young, careful with these 3 ideas

Hello! Seiiti Arata. If you’re still young, there’s probably still a lot that about your relationship with money that can mature. Moreover, the financial area is the area where many adults later end up having some future regret.. and the urge to go back in time and do things differently appears. Because of this, make the most of this moment to reflect on what is the most appropriate way for you to look after your money now and in the future. Here are three ideas to carefully reflect on:

1. I don’t care about money and I don’t need money      

This is a very common thought during our youth. Maybe you don’t care about money now, but it’s possible that you’ll need to care for your children.

And even if you have decided to never have children, you may have to care for your parents. This is a trend that has grown recently. As retirement plans are failing around the whole world, a generation of your parents aren’t able to account for surviving of their own accord. That is, they’ll depend on extra financial help.

If you don’t care about money, maybe it’s important to reconsider, because you’re probably going to have to help your family.

Our objective here isn’t to scare anyone, it’s just to inform so that we have updated information in order for us to make conscious choices. And unfortunately, the indications in the area of public health are presenting awful trends. In the previous generation, most failures happened as explosive events, such as heart attacks or the sudden arrival of a deadly cancer.

Today, these sudden deaths have diminished, with a decline of more than 50% and in some cases even a reduction of 75%. The problem is that this indicator is accompanied by the growth in chronic illnesses, by situations of total dependency such as Alzheimer’s, morbid obesity accompanied by type 2 diabetes, that in its turn brings about kidney failure, amputated limbs, blindness, and a chronic, incapacitating pain, that leaves people no longer able to carry out simple daily tasks.

That is, you could easily be young without money, go everywhere on foot, travel by getting lifts, sleep on the floor, eat noodles, all of that and only happiness. However, this is the normal lifestyle of a young person, of a student, it’s living without luxury, living a simple life and enjoying the true grace of life. However, providing that we get old, it’s no longer possible for us to live this life, we need a health plan, we need more comfort as we’re with our children, we already have different expectations of comfort. And even though we never had financial ambition, we need to have a base level of preparation so that we can support our family.

And so you don’t end up having to depend on your own children’s help, you’ll have to develop your own plan to cover your retirement. 

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2. I don’t want a job, I’m going to start my own business

Young people of the current generation will soon represent the majority of the working force. And what does the young generation value today? Independence and freedom.

There are people who prefer to have their own business than work for a company they don’t like.  This trend is growing. Partially because technology brings new possibilities and practicalities for those who want to have their own business.

However, they don’t yet have money. Therefore these initiatives happen with borrowed money. Or, with a bank or family loan. This links to the previous point: today it’s you who is borrowing money from your parents and a few years from now it will be you who has to pay for their bills.

What you want to realise is that today the economy is worse than in the previous generations’ era. It’s because of this that it’s difficult to start your own business. If you don’t want to be depending on some investor to believe in you, you’re going to have to open your business with your own capital, and for this its first necessary for you to learn to work as an employee and save and multiply your money.

3. Money changes people

You know when you say that that guy started earning money and changed? In truth, he didn’t. Money is just revealing who he always was. Before, without money, he wasn’t able to do what he thought, what he wanted, what he wished.

In this way, money gives us freedom and allows us to be the person we really were but didn’t show to the world.

Money is power. Money is an amplifier. The person who has intention to do good things will have the ability to implement philanthropic incentives oriented toward the common good if they were to have more money. The person who has the intention to do bad, cause pain, war, suffering, is a person that would be very dangerous with money in their hands.

Money allows you to reveal to the world who you really are, your creative and artistic talents, your ideas, your frustrations, your hate.

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Financial freedom happens when you come to the point of being able to go your whole life without having to worry about money. This is possible when you invest in your education to avoid mistakes and increase the amount of wins.

The financial industry can, a lot of the time, make you feel unable to understand the technical jargon. But it’s relatively simple. Imagine how your life would be if you had absolutely no type of money worry. Therefore, here’s an important detail:

If you’re not interested, it’s not worth having sources of knowledge. The ideas presented in todays’ video are some of the various emotional limits that stop people from even having the interest in learning more. It’s for this reason that in our financial enrichment training we’ll start working on the emotional factors that are holding you back from acquiring knowledge and implement actions that are conducive to financial independence, to start now, visit the link: