Hello! Seiiti Arata. How can you earn a lot of money without making an effort?

An easy route would be to make some kind of wish, appeal to the unicorns and enchanted elves for some kind of magical, mystical solution.. This isn’t rational.

Another easy road would be to enter into some kind of earn money quick scheme, and these schemes generally follow the format of a pyramid or bubble, which aren’t sustainable. It might just go well for the first few people, but eventually the pyramid will collapse and the bubble will burst. It’s not guaranteed.

So, to earn a lot of money without making effort, what you want is a rational and guaranteed response. For this, we first need a definition.

What is making an effort?

Effort is a word that in Latin means to show strength, ex = outside and fortis = strong. It means working up a sweat, swimming against the current. It’s when you ask for a salad when you really wanted to ask for a pizza. It’s when you wake up in a bad mood because you want to carry on sleeping. Effort is paying attention in a boring class when you wanted to carry on watching a funny video on YouTube.

This is Effort: It’s when you put in hard work because there is RESISTENCE. If things aren’t flowing naturally, automatically, inevitably, you’re making an effort.

And let’s be real: No one likes to make an effort.

Therefore, for you to gain a lot of money without making an effort, you need to understand where it is that there exists resistance, where things aren’t happening naturally. Take note of this idea because we’re going to use this important concept to tie in to the video and explain how to earn a lot of money without making effort.

Are you earning a lot of money?

Continuing with our logical reasoning to earn a lot of money without making Effort, we’re now going to evaluate how much money you’re earning. Then seriously ask the question: this quantity that you earn.. Is it a LOT OF MONEY? Or is it normal, nothing too much? Or is it little?

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My suspicion is that today you earn little. You earn a lot less than you could earn. Than you should earn. And to explain this reasoning we have to understand a little about history and economy.

If you are between twenty and forty years old, you should be living the best years of your life. After all, in agreement with the most recent historical indications, this is the phase of your life in which you should normally be experiencing the greatest growth of your professional life, have a good degree, be getting married, start a family, get a good car, your own house.

The norm, until recently, was to have continuous prosperity.

When you look at your great grandfather’s life, it was probably a very simple life, aside from the basics of daily life, living in a humble place, without study. Look through some old family photographs. They’re probably aren’t even any, because taking photos in that time was a luxury.

And then came the generation of your grandfather, your grandmother. There was probably an improvement in quality of life, living in a better place, taking up studies, who knows. But even so, a simple life. A modest life.

And so, then, your parent’s generation. Which is when a great progress happened, again, with more study, living in a better place, with a better salary than the previous generation of your grandparents.

The normal, therefore, is that you, representative of your generation, are also to continue on the rising curve of progress, living better than your parents, right? Wrong.

For the first time in our history, the rising curve of prosperity has ended up collapsing.

There are people in our generation living worse than their parents, with less money, with a worse job, with less benefits. Without perspectives.

The world has changed. Pay attention!

In your parents’ generation the world was simpler, the economy was growing, the country was desperate for qualified professionals. So there was a simple path:

The pathway to prosperity was that you study, go to university, get a good job to work and be promoted, buy your own house, have children, have an integrated pension. It was guaranteed: 

You graduate university and there was already numerous companies lining up to offer you a job.


This basic model doesn’t exist anymore. The world changed. This is an outdated idea. Its the description of a reality of the previous generation.

If you try to follow this basic pathway today, you’ll need to.. MAKE AN EFFORT. You are going against the current. Because today, graduating university doesn’t guarantee you anything.

For this reason, the current generation is unfortunately represented by the ‘neither-nor’: neither work nor study. It’s not because of laziness, no. It’s because of effort, resistance, of the pathway that isn’t natural: there aren’t visible benefits, there are no advantages. There’s just effort.

If young people work, it’s in a job that is way below expectations. It seems like it’s not worth it, it’s an exploitation. And if you study, it’s a type of study that won’t can’t guarantee financial prosperity when you receive the diploma. It seems like a waste of time (and money, because studying isn’t free and it takes up time).

When the world transforms, you need to transform yourself.

We’ve had various economic crises in a short space of time. And with each economic crisis, the governments make changes and adjustments. More taxes, lower pensions, less social benefits, precarious state: if you want a quality education, you have to pay for private education. Do you want the hospital? You have to pay a private health plan. Want security? You need to move to a distinguished neighbourhood, closed condominium, have a blacked out car. The government diminishes what it offers to survive. The government knows how to transform itself.

Companies also make changes to survive. You have to do the work of three, four people. You have to arrive early, stay until late. You have to always have your phone switched on, you have to check your email at the weekend. You need a masters, a doctorate, MBA, post-graduate exterior specialization, speak foreign languages, sacrifice your personal life to be able to work more and therefore increase the profit of the company. You have to accept flat salaries because if you’re not up for it, there’s another person that is. There are no longer jobs with formal contracts. You have to register as a freelance professional and provide services. Your wage is variable, it’s no longer guaranteed. The companies clear out to survive. The company knows how to transform itself.

And you? Do you know how to transform yourself? Transforming is changing shape, changing behaviour.

Or is it that you’re still living according to the model of the world from a generation ago?

Thinking that the solution to earn money is to do the basic, go to university, get good grades, get a diploma, arrange a job which would have a career plan to be automatically promoted with the passing years, build a family, buy your own house and retire and relax for the rest of your life without having to work, with money trickling in every month for you to have a quiet life? Please. 

This model of the world doesn’t exist anymore. If you believe in this, now is the time to transform yourself. If you want to survive..

In nature, the species are in constant search of survival and prosperity. And it’s not the strongest species that survives. It’s not the fastest species that survives. It’s not even the most intelligent species that survives. Who survives are those that have the best ability to transform themselves to deal with changes.

What type of transformation is necessary?

The first thing that you need is to be clear on what you want to do in life. What is your Professional Objective? It could be that you really wanted to follow a certain profession, a certain traditional career, in an already established company. Okay, it’s possible.

Maybe you wanted to be an independent professional, freelancer, have your own clients, doing what you like, when you like, on your own terms, without a boss commenting on your work. It’s also possible. With the internet you can provide services to people over the entire planet.

Maybe you wanted to be a public sector worker and contribute to improve the government, to better help the population. It’s also possible.

Or maybe you want to have your own business, finding a way to profitably offer products or services with a scale of growth. It’s also possible.

Whatever it is, first have this clarity of what your Professional Objective is. Without clarity, you’ll end up having to make an effort to earn money: It’s the case of someone who has a job they don’t like and ends up dreaming of starting their own business. If you try to follow conflicting pathways, your potential will be wasted and you’ll work hard. Hard work is putting in too much effort only to have lesser results.

And then when you have full certainty about what it is that you want to do, it is then the time of what to do? To do what needs to be done.. better than everyone else.

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Want to work in the private sector? Dedicate your focus completely on the preparation of correctly studying for a qualification. Look for study techniques that will enable you to learn quicker. Do what needs to be done for you to be able to concentrate more.

Want to be an entrepreneur? Study different business models. Learn to get some hands on experience whilst limiting your risks. There are two big reasons why entrepreneurs fail: One is by not doing anything. So you have to get hands-on, you need to know how to manage, have to do, and do a lot. And learn with what you’ve done, increasing your successes, and decreasing your mistakes. The other great mistake is risking so much that, if you were to go wrong, you’d end up falling completely. Avoid the “crash and burn” as much as possible!

But in the title of the video, you promised ways of earning a lot of money without making an effort!

Here’s the secret. Why do we start the video with a definition of effort? Effort is where there is resistance. It’s using a lot of resources only to have few results.

When you really know what you want to do in life, the result of every action that you take will accumulate. With every metre that a professional swimmer swims in the pool, he becomes better. With every page that a student reads, he or she becomes better prepared. With every proposal that an entrepreneur presents, he becomes more efficient. In any area of life, you can reach the point of having extraordinary results without making an effort. It’s possible. And for this, you have to pay the price. You have to invest in yourself. You need to make all preparations necessary. See, for example, the link for so you can understand what I’m talking about. It’s an artist that paints impressive pictures without apparent effort. And he has definitely practiced a lot. He dedicated focus, persistence. Learn from different people.

And money? How to gain money without hard work? First you’ll start to earn quite a bit through your Professional Objective (Private career, providing an independent service, public career, entrepreneurism or any other incentive).

Doing this well, you’ll have a significant value that you can invest. So you’ll have two sources of income: your main work and your investments. If you look after your investments well, with every day that passes your money will increase exponentially.

And this is what you want to be able to arrive at the point of success without hard work. You want to be so well off that you reap enormous results without making an effort. And when you truly want to ask for a salad instead of a pizza, when you wake up early because you want to, because your work, or your studies bring you a sense of achievement, they turn you into a better version of yourself. Because you’re growing, you’re improving and are reaping results that are better every time. This apparently difficult pathway will reveal itself as the easiest road for you to have results. If you try to take the easy road now, you’ll end up suffering a lot. As you haven’t built your bases, you haven’t invested in yourself, grown, or become an exceptionally great professional.

The world has changed, and it’s not your fault. But it’s your responsibility to transform.

The world has changed independently of your will. Independently of what you’ve done or not done. It could be that you had plans that you won’t be able to carry out anymore because of these changes. That’s how the world is, it transforms. These changes happen outside of your control.

However it’s your responsibility to adapt to a new reality. You can’t stop changes that are outside of your control. But you have the ability to transform yourself to be able to survive and prosper.

Now you have two choices: The easy road or the difficult road. I guarantee you that the difficult road will with the passage of time bring you an easy life. And if you choose the easy road, you’ll have a difficult life.

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