How to achieve personal goals by using other people

Hello! Seiiti Arata. Are you struggling to reach your goals quickly? So I’ll share a quick, easy and efficient way to accomplish your goals faster: hire other people’s time and knowledge. Use other people.

A lot of people waste time, energy and money trying to accomplish goals alone without help. For example, losing weight, starting a business, learning other languages, solving a knee pain.

What does it mean to try to do everything yourself, on your own? It means starting from scratch, searching the internet and trying to reach goals through trial and error.

Instead of following the lonely and inefficient path, you can better leverage other people’s time and knowledge.

Learn to leverage other people’s time and knowledge

Imagine there are two people with the goal … for example to lose ten kilos.

The first person decides to search the internet about how to lose weight. This first person sets up a menu based on everything he has seen on the Internet and begins to experiment, by trial and error, what works and what doesn’t work to lose weight.

This research will require many hours of dedication. And testing what works will also take a lot of time and money to buy foods and supplements that may not work to lose weight.

The second person does different. She makes an appointment with a good nutritionist and gets a plan ready to implement. This is a plan made by an up-to-date professional who has spent years studying the subject and working every day helping people lose weight.

Rent other people's brains to meet your goals. (136) - Seiiti Arata, Arata Academy

Which of the two people do you think is most likely to meet the weight loss goal?

The first person thought it would save money. But she has spent time trying to learn everything a nutritionist has learned in years.

Moreover, she cannot determine for herself how reliable the sources are. She will have difficulty knowing how to interpret conflicting information. She will struggle to know how to use generic information for her specific case.

Meanwhile, the second person saves time. She asked for the professional knowledge of a good nutritionist and after an hour of consultation received a food plan to follow.

This is the great advantage of learning how to use other people’s time and knowledge to reach your own goals.

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You can use the knowledge of others for any purpose.

In the financial market, there is an expression called leveraged trading.

Leverage means that a person borrowed money from others and made investments. She does this because she is betting that the return on these investments will be so great that she can pay the lender and still profit from it.

Let’s bring this analogy into the field of personal development? Similarly, leveraging your goals means borrowing other people’s brains to solve problems that help you meet your goals.

If you lose weight with the guidance of a nutritionist, you borrow a brain that knows a lot more about nutrition. And use that knowledge to solve a problem.

You can use other people's knowledge to accomplish your biggest goals. (136) - Seiiti Arata, Arata Academy

You can do the same for any personal goal you have. You can hire teachers, mentors or simply professionals who have the knowledge you need to know how to reach your goals quickly.

This can be done either through individual consultations or through courses or even books.

But you can go further. In addition to using knowledge, you can hire other people’s work to save time, energy and even money.

For example, let’s say you want to start a business. You can try to gather all the paperwork and bureaucratic procedures to get started … Or you can simply hire an accountant who does it all for you.

Even by paying you will be saving money

What prevents most people from using the knowledge and work of others? It is the false perception that there will be a loss of money.

To reach your goals faster, use the time and knowledge of others. (136) - Seiiti Arata, Arata Academy

Access to information today is very easy, fast and cheap. That’s why a lot of people believe they are wasting money by hiring other people to do something they could do on their own.

For example, there are people who refuse to pay a physical therapist to solve a knee problem. These are people looking for some exercise, ointment or even tea that promises to reduce knee pain.

But is this really a money saver? And even if it is, does the extra time in this quest compensate for this savings?

To answer that, you need to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of using your money to leverage other people’s resources.

If you have a scarcity mindset, you may believe you are losing money by hiring someone else. Your focus of attention will be on the amount of money that has come out of your pocket. You will no longer realize that this hired professional can solve your problem with much more quality and speed than you would if you tried to do it yourself.

If you have an abundance mindset, your focus of attention will be on time saved. You will understand that you are leveraging your own time when you use your money well to accomplish your big goals with more quality and speed.

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Paying for other people’s help should not be taboo

Think abundantly. Imagine that if you free up your time you can make more money.

Who would you hire to help you meet your goals? Who would you hire to get knowledge? Who would you hire to do certain jobs for you?

Whatever your goal, always think about how you can leverage other people’s time and knowledge. Be financially responsible and calculate the advantages and disadvantages of investing in these hires.

What you cannot do is maintain a scarcity mindset. Don’t waste years of your life trying something alone for wanting to save money. Realize where there is a possibility of hiring someone who can help you accomplish your goal much faster.

Paying for other people's time and knowledge is an effective way to shorten the path toward your great life goals. (136) - Seiiti Arata, Arata Academy

Why don’t we take advantage of other people’s time, knowledge and even work? There is a money taboo that we should save the most money.

This prevents us from seeing the world more abundantly and making better use of our financial resources.

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