Frequently Asked Questions


Technical difficulties when listening to or watching your videos.

The exclusive videos for our students are properly tested by our team using two platforms: PC and MAC and mobile devices following the requirements below.

In case you have technical difficulties, first of all we suggest for you to follow the technical requirements below and update your browser to its most recent version.

When it comes to PC, the requirements are using an updated version of Windows, Chrome or Firefox.

If you’re using MAC, the requirements are an updated version of OSX, Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

To access it on a mobile device, it is required to use Android or iOS, both updated, and navigation apps like Chrome or Safari.

I need to get in touch

Our communication team is available to give you support through our official channel (arata.se/contact) – important: Arata Academy does not give support through social media platforms. Always use the official link of contact.


What mind mapping program do you use?

I use MindManager from Mindjet. For those who want free solutions, one option is Mindmeister. To learn more about mental maps, I recommend the video “How To Learn To Learn” and the course “How To Learn Faster”.

How can you read more than one book per week?

Constant reading is part of my work. Not everyone will need to read more than a book per week (depending on your area, it can even be counter-productive to read too much… and do too little). But if you happen to do some extensive reading on a daily basis, I recommend Kindle. (OBS: for book reading, I prefer the classic Kindle. However, for magazines, the web, RSS feeds, and newspapers, an iPad or an iPhone are my choices).

Reasons? Well, the Kindle e-ink screen is the one that comes closest to paper. It doesn’t have that reflex or brightness that damages your vision. The navigation is good to enhance the state of flux, you can immerse yourself in the book, forgetting all the rest. It is also lighter and its battery has a longer lifespan than the iPad’s (on the date of this post, I’m comparing Kindle to the iPad 3).

For me, Kindle works well because I’ve got a laptop (MacBook Pro) and an iPhone. Therefore, for me an iPad would only represent a larger version of my iPhone. I don’t think having an iPad would add much value to my work style, so Kindle came in at the perfect moment.

However, if you don’t have a laptop and/or a smartphone, an iPad can suppress the need for a portable gadget.

So, take this into account: 1) the number of books that you wish to read, and 2) other gadgets you already have. They will give you the real need for a multifunctional portable one. Kindle is for books only. I don’t even use it for annotations, to italicize or to share book excerpts because they don’t seem convenient.

Obs. 1) For advanced users: consider synchronizing your classic Kindle with your smartphone’s Kindle apps. That way you can proceed your read on different gadgets, as long as you’re always connected to the internet.

Obs. 2) For reading faster: check the lesson 01 of the course “How To Learn Faster” to gain more knowledge about how to improve your reading speed.

I’ve sent you a message on social media, (for example: Facebook / Twitter / YouTube comment / LinkedIn etc.) and I didn’t get an answer. Are you upset with me?

Not at all! Quite the opposite: I’m so happy when I get messages.

However, I’ve been getting an average of 300 to 800 messages every day and it’s no longer possible to personally respond to all of them at an adequate pace.

To address this volume of messages with quality, I use multiple productivity techniques (those who did the Productivity Ninja already know them). Furthermore, I made sure to bring a team of people whom I trust a lot. They all address the messages you send through to our official communication channel arata.se/contact

The reason is that, unfortunately, some social media networks don’t allow message redirection, not even to speak about privacy vulnerability and pulverization in multiple areas. That is why we don’t answer any message that are sent to us through Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn or other social media platforms. To keep everything organized, all of our company’s communication is done through our official communication channel, using emails.

Because of that, for you to get an answer from us, we kindly ask you to send the message again using our official channel’s form at arata.se/contact.

How does the mailing list work?

To register for free to our main mailing list, visit the main website of Arata Academy. Whenever you decide that you no longer want to receive emails from us, you just need to click on the link that shows up on every email’s footer and then follow the instructions to unsubscribe. Check our Privacy Policy as well.

I write every email that you get on my own. And I always read the replies I receive, giving instructions to Arata Academy’s team to answer them very carefully and with all the needed attention. You can count on us!


What provider do you recommend to host websites?

Mediatemple is strong, easy to use, and has an excellent customer support team. There are other more complex options, such as Amazon AWS, Digital Ocean, or Linode, which I only recommend to those who have advanced knowledge.

I’ve been fired recently and now I want to become an entrepreneur: What do you think?

My opinion is that, GENERALLY, when you don’t have financial savings, it is a really bad idea to launch an endeavor without a proper way of making a living in the upcoming months. I suggest you do some research on “opportunity entrepreneurship” v. “necessity entrepreneurship”. Personally, I recommend you – before thinking about entrepreneurship – to be sure that you are able to pay your bills for the next 12 months at least, without putting your lifestyle in jeopardy. Check more details about how to create financial savings in our finance course.


I want to train myself to become a coach. What do you recommend?

I always strongly recommend that you get in touch with students graduated in the institution (at least 3) and ask them directly what they think about it. To be sure about investing in something like that, try to do a coaching session with professionals graduated in the institution.


What video editing software do you use?

It depends. I used iMovie for simple stuff back in the day when Arata Academy’s YouTube channel was launched (before 2011). It was a great way to start due to its practicality, but while I was making some progress in video editing, iMovie became a little bit stale for me. I didn’t enjoy constantly importing videos to the Library and a lot of times iMovie ends up rejecting some sources. It forces you to follow a certain Apple way and it lacks creativity. But it is a very good program to start with.

Between 2011 and 2012, I used Screenflow a lot for editing because it is a quick and very simple program.

In 2013, I started using the Adobe package (Premiere and After Effects).

The reason I’m telling you all this is to illustrate the following: if you’re starting now, it is not imperative (or financially viable) to have the most complex software. To speak the truth, that can even be counter-productive. Start REALLY SIMPLE and evolve with time and experience. Software does not make miracles, it is just a tool. You should be the one doing the art.

Which audio editor software do you use?


Which camera and lenses do you use?

I started with a Sony Cybershot as it is VERY BASIC AND CHEAP.

Then, I moved on to others like the Canon Legria HF 200, Nikon DSLR D90, Sony Handycam from the PJ series (with projector), besides some occasional filming with my phone or tablet for some informal stuff. I’ve been starting to use the GoPro 3 Black as well, which is very practical. But I do not recommend being too concerned with cameras: any will do.

My tip: instead of being too concerned about cameras (which are always changing), the important thing is that you have a professional sound. Invest in a good microphone.

I’ve read your last answer and I want to buy a good mic. What do you recommend?

Sennheiser Evolution ew-100 g3. It is a bit expensive, but it is worth it.

For screencast videos, I also use a USB microphone called Blue Snowflake, but I don’t recommend it either: it’s very fragile and cannot be carried without ending up damaged. Besides that, the sound is too low. Worst buy ever.

I’ve been using an external mic as well. Anyone will do. In my case, I’ve found Sony IDC-SX712 but any other (ZOOM, Olympus for example) would do the trick.